Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 7 - Four More Days to Departure

FOUR MORE DAYS ... not counting today and the departure day ... I will leave Cambria and return on December 21.  I am having high anxiety!  Big time!  Last night I was so tired after another day of moving contents of the house to storage, although I wasn't doing the actual lifting and moving, my two guys were.  Still it was as if I was doing it right along with them. Could be the additional packing and shuffling things around that I was doing at the same time.  Just as it will happen again today.  Most all be done today!

Today the focus is on what's left, including the furniture. My oh my!   But first, I have to drive to Morro Bay and pick up the UHaul truck for my guys to use for the BIG stuff.  In 30 minutes I'll be on the road. Just wanted to send this along for an update.

The Dollar to British Pound is $1.35 this morning ... I'll convert my currency when I arrive in Weymouth.  Just did some research and the fees are less for conversion by using USA debit cards at British ATMs or  cash at British banks rather than pre-ordering currency or using what I usually use - Travelex. That's enlightening.  I'm glad I checked.  So that's what I'm doing this time.

Also checked on rates for Pewter Plough Playhouse advertisement in Cambria Magazine and the Cambria Welcome Map brochure and membership in Chamber of Commerce.  That'll be on me this time around.  Must have that info with me in England to submit it from there in September.  Don't want to miss those publications.

Okay ... I have to get moving ... need to get the moving truck.

So this truck driver is signing off for now ...

Rebecca B.

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