Saturday, August 20, 2016

DAY 51 in Weymouth, Dorset

Stormy night we had in Weymouth! I was awake till 3 a.m. reading a novel, so was aware of the heavy rain pelting the windows with the sounds of the wind. Perfect background noise while reading a novel. Wonderful! Today it's still cloudy and a bit breezy, the sea surface is going from right to left, probably just the wind skimming the top of it causing the effect, a silver blue melding with the grey of the sky at the horizon. Beautiful in its own way, and the smells are so fresh.

Since I last posted, a couple of previous concerns came through for me: 1) British bank account and credit card successfully opened, 2) Sainesbury delivery account opened, the first grocery delivery is happening at this very moment.

Such a pleasant man hauled my grocery order up a flight of stairs to the building entry and then up another steep flight of stairs inside the building to my apartment. I can see why he is fit and looking very healthy. Interesting work history he has ... began as a mail carrier for Royal Mail, then became a union man, was sent to university for his degree, continued on in management, retired after 25 years to enjoy golfing. etc. But he quickly became bored. So one day he was shopping in Sainesbury and saw a sign 'Drivers Wanted' ... now he delivers orders two or three days a week and he's happy. He said it gets him out into places he wouldn't be otherwise, and he loves meeting new people. What a pleasure it was to talk to him! He's married, girls! lol lol  Nice looking chap, though ... tan, wears an earring. A talker, obviously.  AND now I don't have to depend on Ali to cart me here and there for my grocery staples, or make several trips to the town center for other foodstuffs.  I'll still do miscellaneous shopping with my polka-dotted shopping cart, however, of course. Like I must go to WH Smith today for Jeffrey Archer's second book in the Chronicles Series. And when Ali has the time, we'll still lunch and go shopping to other places. That's always fun.

I've ordered a chair and ottoman  from Argos for me (testing my new credit card) ... just can't sit on these sofas furnished in the apartment.  The cushions sink so low, my knees feel like they're up under my chin. I have to sit straight and upright to be comfortable.  So I found a very inexpensive (under 100) remedy with a foot stool. Perfect!

Now I'll be able to read and watch TV comfortably.  Just need a little side table, and I'll find that in a charity shop, no doubt.

Today is August 20?  My, my. Unbelievable! Rolling right along, aren't we?

On a sad note ... friend Bud Goff, of Cambria, passed away this week. My dear friend Viv Goff has been in charge of the box office, among other things, at the Pewter Plough Playhouse for many years. Bud was in his 90s, but still very active with volunteering with the Lion's Club, and other endeavours - Pinedorado (Labor Day holiday) especially.  Viv is getting up there herself, is 86 ... and still as busy as ever with her projects.  Her family is around her at this sad time, and I hope she is okay. She's a survivor, no doubt about that. Sending luv and hugs to you, Viv!

Well, I need to spend this time writing THE BOAT TRIP, my new project set on a river boat in Europe. All new characters, not part of a series.  Lovin' it!

So have a great day!  Talk at you later.

Rebecca B.

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