Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 11 in England

Beautiful day here today, sun is bright even at 4 p.m., sailboaters are in the bay, the beaches are full of sunbathers and swimmers ... Wonderful day out there!

I'm having an afternoon cup of coffee, waiting for Martin and Ali to come and put my desk (table) and chairs together, need a drill. Table knife and nail file didn't do the trick, that is the extent of my tools. So they are coming to my rescue soon.

I blew the fuse on my plug converter this morning, when I plugged in my Magic Bullet.  Oops!  Kitchen appliances are best to have UK plug apparatus. So I can either buy the UK version of the bullet, or just do without.  Haven't decided. But now I need to pick up a couple converters for my other electrical devices.  Tomorrow.  Today's Sunday, am not going anywhere.

Last night I had a very interesting time at a pub in the harbor. Met some real characters, to say the least.

One lives in his refurbished navy ship docked in the harbor. 50ish fella, who imbibs very heavily and calls women the C word instead of by name.  Evidently his father is very wealthy he doesn't work, just drinks. I plan to go and take a look at the ship this week, maybe he'll be sober and I can go onboard.  Maybe not.  Anyway, worth a try.

Another fella, a more polite and soft-spoken man, probably around 45, was eager to tell me all about the history of Dorset and places beyond.  Salisbury is his home, and he wants to give me pamphlets and books that he has describing the region.  He's in Weymouth for a few weeks, then will return to Salisbury. The odd thing about him is, half of his head has been sliced off. He didn't seem to be handicapped or effected by it, brain-wise. I did pay attention to his speech and his thought processes. Didn't seem to be hindered.  He was able to keep up with his buddies' conversation in the pub. Seemed like a nice chap.  The drunk character, the Navy ship owner, said at one point that he wants to send the guy to have is head repaired.  I had no comment.

Then there was another fella who was sort of a cross between the two. He was jovial, drinking, but not crass, and offering his time to show me around Weymouth.  He kept me abreast of who and what were the other patrons who came in.

I decided after a while to leave and go to another spot across the harbor to have dinner.  Had pork ribs and they were fabulous.  Called a cab and came home.  That was my night out at the harbor.  Won't be having very many of those.  Lol lol lol.  But I did thoroughly enjoy myself.  And of course I always have a ball talking with the locals. Always.  Next time I go it will be during lunchtime, having a crab sandwich sitting on a bench watching the fishing boats unload.  Just like my heroine and her mother in THE CHRISTMAS DIARY.

See you later ....

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