Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 4 - Seven Days to Departure

Day 3 was actually written for June 25 ... noticed that it wasn't posted till past Midnight and became June 26.  So that was wrong.  Today is June 26.

This morning Barbara Roche and I drove to Paso to pick up a futon bed that was on sale, perfect for my new digs when I return in January.  I was afraid it wouldn't be available six months from now.  Its metal frame is the same color my walls will be painted, and will be against one of the walls in my TV room (although I'm thinking of TVs in both rooms, I have 2 big flat screens, may as well use them ... lol lol ).  Anyway couldn't pass up this bargain.  BUT ... they were out of stock.

So we went to the "Cowgirl Cafe" in Paso and had lunch instead.  Then we came back and ordered it online at the same reduced price ($98 - free shipping) and it will be delivered this Friday.  Was meant to be!  Yippee, I have a bed that fits!   The usual mattress & box springs would take up too much room in my small space.  This futon is perfect, and I'll put my feather bed on top of it, voila! Overstuffed sofa! Ultra comfort!  Bed at nite, sofa during day.  But for now it will go into the storage barn.

Speaking of ... this morning, Kelly E. built the shelving in the storage barn for my approx. 100 bins and 100 boxes we'll be putting in there tomorrow and Tuesday.  THE MOVE BEGINS!  Furniture will be moved and stored on Wednesday. Here we come, UHaul! Oh my!  It's all happening!  I leave for England a week from tomorrow! 

Six Months in England!  Dream come true! Can't say it enough and I'm so grateful for the time and ability to do it. 

First thing I have to do in England is open a bank account there. I tried doing it online but I'm required to come into the bank with the appropriate documents, listed on the bank's website, in addition to showing mail addressed to my British address.  So I have to collect the mail I've received there and take it into the local bank to attempt to open an account.  I already have one with the same bank in the USA, so that should make it easier.  I do feel I need a bank account there so I can pay my rent and utilities with checks or automatic deduction.  Can't do the transactions with USA banks in Britain.  And I certainly don't want to have to debit ATMs from USA accounts a few days in a row in low increments to be able to pay those bills each month. So fingers crossed! I'll let you know how it works when I get there.

So moving right along ... I'm continually tying up loose ends here in the States till I leave ... have lists galore ... checking off items one by one ...

See you tomorrow?

Rebecca B.

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