Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 5 - Six More Days Till Departure


Oh my ... it's getting so close to D day, departure day.  So close.  Next Monday.
Today I did more packing of the odds and ends that are left in the house, while Kelly loaded the first of the bins and boxes to be moved to the storage barn. We had a final inspection appointment with the Fire Department at the Pewter Plough Playhouse, so with Kelly's loaded trailer and my loaded car we made the appointment on time and passed with flying colors.   I'm so glad that's done.  It's taken four inspections to pass.  No more till a year from now, they inspect once a year.  This one was a toughie, for things had gotten so far out of hand that it has been a nightmare fixing everything to code on top of all the improvements we've made since 2014.  No one was overseeing the maintenance of the building the past few years, Jim wasn't good at it, neither was James. So it fell to me, the theatre tenant wasn't on top of things for their portion of the building, but the cafe tenant was, thank goodness! He fixes what needs to be fixed as it needs it, on his dollar. Best kind of lessee to have.  Anyway, inspection's a done deal, finally.  And I have two people - Kelly E. and Barbara R. - in place to watch over the business and buildings while I'm away the next six months. It's been a rough road the past two years repairing, fixing, and improving.  Spent a lot of money doing it, too. So now I need a break, definitely do.

Okay, there we are. One more good reason to head for England for my 180-day adventure before next theatre season.  I can write and read to my heart's content. Walk along the beach to the harbour everyday, if I want. I'm getting more and more excited about this now. Can not wait to get on that plane and take to the sky ... Boy oh boy!  I know my mind will clear, my burdens will lift, my spirits will soar ...  just thinking about it makes me high.  Like Barbara says, "When you lift off in that plane let it all go. Leave it all behind you, leave it to us to take care of for you."  Okay, that's a deal, guys!  lol lol  If it could only be that easy. I'll try. 

Well, I'm very tired tonite ... so I'm making this short.  Going to crawl into bed, turn the 'Borgias' series on and fall asleep watching it.  Sounds good to me.

So good nite, all.  See you tomorrow ...

Rebecca B.  

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