Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 8 - Three More Days to Departure

Good Morning, All ...

Up and at 'em ... returning the 20' UHaul truck at 8 this morning, Kelly and Henry did two full loads yesterday, and there are only a few items left which Kelly will haul on his trailer today.  I'm picking up some more bins to pack incidentals and more bubblewrap for my Capodimonte table lamps.  Today I'll snap photos of my empty house, you aren't going to believe it.  I don't.  From what it was, to what it is.

Next we have to reorganize the storage barn somewhat, so the theatre players group can get to their props for the upcoming productions remaining this year. Right now it's an obstacle course ... lol lol

Soooooooo ... my dear Britain, the day is arriving, I'm almost there!  July Fourth I leave Cambria!  In my mind's eye I'm already on the coach ride from Heathrow to Weymouth.  Haven't done that ride since 2014. I'm so ready!  The last two trips have been to Europe, one this last December 2015, and one in April this year.  Now I'll be spending six entire months in Dorset, southern coast of the island, with possible side-trips to Cornwall in the west and other favorite regions of England.

My apartment in Weymouth is on the seafront (I can see, hear, and smell the English Channel waters right now), close to town and both transportation modes - train and coach.  I don't believe I'll rent cars while I'm there, although I've driven in England, did when I lived there in the late '90s, but just don't want to risk the round-abouts, they can be so confusing.  Although I'm very adventurous, I'm not all that risky anymore.  Don't need to push it.  lol lol

Down to the wire here ...

Talk to you later ...

Rebecca B.

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