Friday, July 22, 2016

17 Days in England

I don't know what it is, but I set such high expectations on myself, set such goals that it becomes a detriment at times. It must be a carry over from corporate days, when we had to list our daily, weekly, monthly goals and meet them, no carry-overs. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't need to do that anymore.  My only commitment this six months in England is to write a book. That's all. I don't have to think about anything else. And when I get back to the states my main thrust will be to get the 2017 entertainment schedule up and running at the Pewter Plough Playhosue.  But that's not till Janauary. So why am I beating myself up because I don't want to do what I planned for today?  The answer:  QUIT PLANNING!!!

So as I sit here and watch the lawn bowlers and look out over the ocean dotted with tankers, fishing boats and sail boats, as I see the town center beach filling up already (I can see it from my balcony), and I tell myself I should be out there, walking and breathing in the sea air, I just say to myself ... I will do that, but not right now. Right now I'm having a cup of coffee and I just want to write. The sun will be there plenty of times in the next few months, I'll soak it up when I feel the real urge. And I'll take the bus rides to other towns, and the train rides, either one. I want to do it at my own pace. Nothing is urgent. Nothing. That's why I'm here. To learn to relax and empty my head of all things other than writing. (Well, the Trump stuff has certainly taken up a bit of my time.  Lol lol  But I like that, that's what I have preferred to do late nights, involving myself in the conventions.  Next week will be the same with the Clinton stuff.).

Weymouth.  A lovely southern seacoast town, situated midpoint between the east and west coasts of England at the mouth of the River Wey.  Actually Weymouth was originally on the west side of the harbor. Melcombe Regis on the east side. The settlements fought over everything in those early years, and eventually were merged together. Finally Queen Elizabeth I appointed them as sujects of the Wincester Cathedral.  (Not far from here, will definitely be going there.) That was the era of surrounding land and towns belonging to the religious orders and becoming cathedral properties, so to speak, governed and ruled by such.  If you read Ken Follett's wonderful series - 'World Without End', 'Pillars of the Earth', you'll find a prime example of how that works.

It's fun researching the history and life of these regions. Truly is.

Well, I must stretch my legs a bit before I get to my novel.

Have a good day ... And just do what is necessary to get through it.   We aren't always super humans. Gotta take a break every once in a while.

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