Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 0 - Santa Maria CA

Spending the first night away in Santa Maria, CA ... Not very far from Cambria, but for a reason. This gets me closer to an early morning departure tomorrow. Would have been too early to come to Santa Maria Airport from Cambria.  BUT ... When I return on Dec 21, I'm flying from LAX to San Luis Obispo, shorter distance for friend to pick me up.

However ... This has been a very special day spent with Jay and Hannah Powell here in Santa Maria.  In addition to seeing the Fourth of July fireworks, we've had wonderful discussions about spiritual transitions and beliefs and some fabulous food to boot. Great day! Terrific way to start my six-month adventure! Thank you J & H for opening your doors to me.

Got some good books to read ... One by Micheal Newton - Journey of Souls  ... The Spirit's Book by Allan Kardec.  Heavy duty reading in Kardec's book.  Eager to start it.  AND I have two others of fiction that Hannah recommended.  Can't wait.

So between reading a lot and writing a lot ... I'll be in hog heaven at my British 'retreat'.  But of course I'm not only going to read and write ... I'll be out in the countryside, in the villages, the towns, the harbors, conversing and listening, wining and dining, absorbing the environment every single minute I'm there. And I'm going to tell you all about it ... Right here.

So it's almost 11 pm and Hannah's nephew Ken is here visiting too ... Eating dessert and relaxing.  Not me, I'm not having dessert ... The ribs and rest of the dinner were way too much for me. However I am having lemonade and wine.  Refreshing.

As Scarlette would say ... tomorrow is another day ....or as Jay would say ...all we've got, really, is now!

Nite all!


  1. And your letter was delivered to the post office after we dropped you off. Rest well, dear. Safe and happy journey. Hannah

  2. Thank you, love! Did I leave my shoes and nite gown at your place?


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