Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 3 - 180 Days in England

Okay, Day 1 & 2 are missing ... I haven't been able to get to wifi till now.  My Internet has not been installed at the apartment, so my dear friends Martin and Ali are allowing me to use their wifi at their guest house.  It appears that BT will not not be installing my Internet till July 22 now.  So, I'll just be posting from wherever I can till then.  There is a coffee shop not too far from my apartment that has wifi too, I'll certainly try it.  It's much more comfy here though, at my friends.

My apartment is very nice, I've already moved the furniture around, is that a surprise?  Lol lol. And I've made a list of a few things I'll need to live comfortably. A small desk-table is in order, for my writing in front of the window with the sea view.  Top of my list.

Ali took me food shopping yesterday at Morrisons, a supermarket here.  But there's a small grocery within walking distance that I'll use in between big shopping days.  I need to buy a phone today, landline phone.  Service is in, waiting for a phone to be plugged in.  I changed the SIM card on my cell phone, so I can make and receive calls on it reasonably.  So my cell number is changed while I'm in England.

The weather here is perfect for me.  In fact as I walked down the promenade this morning, I was dressed too warmly.  This weekend is a special one for Weymouth ... A big seafood festival, the town is full of tourists already.  Should be interesting and a time to eat a lot of shellfish ... Yum yum!  I'll take photos.


I'm sitting in front of a coffee shop at a bus stop waiting for the bus from Bournemouth to Weymouth, my final destination. I've an hour and a half to kill. So here I am writing about the trip so far. I wrote yesterday's blog post, finished it, lost it.  The program I was using on this iPad was new to me and I just plain didn't know what I was doing.  I don't know where the writing went.  So I'm using this version of Word and I hope I'm able to save it and post it when I have wifi.  Most likely tomorrow.  We'll see.

On the coach from Heathrow to Bournemouth, I slept.  So I'm good to go when Martin and Ali pick me up in Weymouth, I should be wide awake and social. I do know one thing though, I need a bath ASAP.  Traveling like this always makes me feel so grimy and smelly. I don't know if I'm smelling myself or the restrooms are attaching their smell to me, or it's the soiled walkways at these stations. This one leaves a lot to be desired.  But there's an attendant washing the brick floors out here, with water and hose.  I don't think anybody has cleaned the restroom today.

A SIDENOTE:  (When I arrived at the new apartment and took a bath, I mistakenly used Vitrol in the bath water, which is a liquid toilet cleaner and disinfectant, and added another liquid to make more suds, which wasn't what I thought it was either.)

A very cordial English woman and her gentleman husband started up a conversation with me when I ordered my coffee and sat at the bistro table next to them.  They were here booking a bus trip to London to celebrate their daughter's birthday with her.  They don't like to drive to London, so they go by coach.  He was dressed like a country gent, and she the usual conservative woman.  Probably a upper-middle income couple.  Very well-spoken and friendly. Having their coffee after buying tickets before heading home.  They'd done their shopping, she said. So I bet they live out in a village or in the country, not in Bournemouth.

On the shuttle ride from Bakersfield to LAX yesterday, I met a pretty young gal who was on her way back to Russia.  She teaches English in Moscow and lives there year-round. Comes to the States a couple times a year, especially Christmas to be with her parents.  I forgot to ask where she'd just come from, must have been in the SLO-Santa Maria area since that's where she got on the shuttle.  She was carr very large tote full of toys and candies for the children she teaches in Moscow. Such a pleasant and interesting young woman.  Exactly the kind I love to put in my novels for 'Rachel O'Neill' to meet.

More tomorrow!

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