Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lovely Rainy Morning - Afternoon Clear

This morning started out to be clear in some places, cloudy in others.  At least that's what it was when I woke up and checked the weather reports.  But by the time I left for the cafe down the lane it was beginning to rain. Didn't rain long though. It was nice and cool.  Perfect for me.

So I took a stroll next door to the cafe, after having a meal, to the kiddies park. There's a miniature golf range, a sea life display, a child's train that goes from the park to the Town Center along the promenade, adults ride it too.  And some other things ... A sand park, a stream, looks great for people with children.  I  couldn't believe how many people were there at 10 a.m.  Loads of them, literally, bus loads.  On a Wednesday. This is a family town, it is.  And dogs. Tons of them both - children and dogs.  I saw one cat today when I went to the cafe ... A beautiful calico, she/he let me pet her/him.  It had been raining and she was wet.

Then I walked the promenade along the beach, took some photos, read the memorials on the monuments to our USA soldiers - RANGERS - in World War II.  Lots of mention of our guys here in Weymouth, written on monuments as well as photos in buildings.  I stopped by the Channel View B&B, no one home, so I went on to do some minor food shopping at Marks & Spencer.  Tomorrow Ali and I are going to Dorcester to shop.  I'm looking for a narrow table that will do as a desk in the living room in front of the window.  Dorcester is Thomas Hardy Land, people!  One of my favorites! Surely I can find a writing table there.

The rest of this day was taken up by thinking of and remembering some of my loved ones who are gone from this world, and then contemplating possible plots for my novella that I plan to write while I'm here.  Although, it crossed my mind to write a novel, not a novella. One of my mentors told me one time, that a novella is a good way to introduce a new series ... And since I've already written the 'introductory' novella - THE CHRISTMAS DIARY  -  maybe I should take it up a notch and write a novel as the second in the series.  Really considering that. The best thing to do is just start writing it and see where it goes.  Friday I start.  July 15.  My schedule.

One thing I forgot to do before leaving home was to email MIDNIGHT IN VEGAS to myself.  I need to finish that and have it ready to publish before I get back to the States.  So, I'm going to ask my dear friend Barbara to send it to me via email, on my computer.  (If you're reading this Barbara, I'll send you the password to get into my screen on the iMac.  We can chat it through on our iPads.)

OKAY ... It's almost midnight, want to post this before then ...

Am getting on with life, and am almost up to speed ... Feeling good, exercising, sleeping well ...

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