Sunday, July 3, 2016

Still Day 10 - One Day till departure

Well, let me clarify this ... today or tonite is Saturday night.  So that means one more day, Sunday, till I leave Cambria on Monday, July 4.

But I'm not leaving the States till July 5.

So if you've heard the scare about July 4 departures from LAX, that doesn't pertain to me.  I'm leaving on July 5 from LAX.  No fear here.  I'm blessed. Always have been.

My only fear is having everything out of the house and garages by tomorrow night.  Truly.  I'm working against time, that's my only thought, only tomorrow to accomplish all I need to be able to leave on Monday morning.  AND that is scary at this point.  It's making me nervous.

Today I had a wonderful time at the Authors Event and afterwards with my lady friends (Babs, Linda, Barbara and Lucille) .... and then later I met with other friends to bid farewell to ... Dinah and Christopher Brazelton and Giovanni and Viv at the Harmony Cafe at the Pewter Plough ... had a great evening with them too.

So here I am at home once again, and will reluctantly give up the ghost although I am not ready to go to sleep ... will most certainly watch a few episodes of the latest Spanish Series I'm watching on Netflix ... "Velvet" ... love it!

I must say I enjoyed talking to many Cambria-ites today ... and two especially ... Rick Bruce (the Magic Wizard of Cambria) and Steve Provost (the editor of the Cambrian Newspaper and author of non-fiction and fiction) ... highlights of my day.   Thank you, guys!

You know, I'll miss my new liaisons in Cambria ... including Consuelo and the gals of the Historical Society, and all the new connections I've made.  Only makes me more eager to come back at the end of the year and get involved with the community.  Looking forward to that.

So here we are ... almost departure time ... can't believe it!  BUT I have one more day of god awful crap to go through.  Sorry if I'm offending ... but it is the last of the stuff I've been putting off till now.  No getting around it.  Those of you who know what I'm talking about, yes it's the last of the sorting and packing.
So ... tomorrow night we'll see what I'll be writing on this blog ... I'm eager to see it myself.  lol lol lol

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