Monday, July 11, 2016

Weymouth Monday

Well, one thing for sure ... Mondays follow me wherever I go.  I feel the same on a Monday thousands of miles away, as I feel on Mondays in Cambria.  It's my do-nothing day.  Although I did have a purpose in hanging around the apartment today, was waiting on the BT man to hook up the Internet.  Success!!!  Done!!! Now I'm feeling normal again.

Here is the view from my balcony tonite at 9 pm.  So calm and beautiful.  Not cold either.  Not cold for me, that is.  Last night I was out walking in it ... Went to a local pub called THE PARK to try and reach the Internet, which was a very good idea.  Worked so much better there. But like I said above, I won't need to do that for that reason anymore, since I'm all set here at home.  BUT ... It was an interesting evening at THE PARK.  I was the only woman there except for the barkeep.  I sat back by myself, using my phone apps and watching the patrons, and listening.  Love to eavesdrop.

So, a nice looking guy, 63 as it turns out, dark hair and eyes, a beautiful and friendly smile (had all his own teeth, none missing), began talking across the room from his bar stool to my table to me.  Fun conversation going back and forth. Lots of laughs.  He finally moved to my table and I learned a bit more about him.  He's a welder, his mother is a real gypsy (not a 'traveler'), dad is an  Englishman, and he went on to tell me that all gypsies are not thiefs, that they've been given the wrong rap due to the media. Well, I already knew that, because I had done some research about the gypsies before for my writings.

Anyway, we had a great time, it was refreshing to talk to him. What a happy guy!  Told me about his girlfriend, wanted me to come back tonite to watch him play darts. I said I might, would love to meet his gal.  He said she wouldn't be coming, she never came there.  It was his place.  I said I would, but I didn't.  Lol lol lol.  Ain't gonna get into that lane.

I called my friend Ali and she came to meet me for a glass, THE PARK is very close to where we both live.  Guess what?  Her mother is a true Gypsy too!  Am I being nudged? Then we left and joined up with her hubby Martin and had a nice Italian meal across the street from the B&B on the beach.  A very pleasant Sunday night.

So like I said, today being Monday, has been a quiet one.  I've thought about my new gypsy friend today, he'd be a good character in one of my books. Keeping him on the back burner.

Nite nite ... More tomorrow ....

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